terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

The magician

This is no news. Humans have known it for ages, for all time. That’s where stories of magic, spell and blessings come from.
The power of consciousness to generate matter. Religions attributed it to a Divine entity as a power above the common man. Science rejected it, only because it was not evolved enough to be able to prove it.
Yet all this separation is an illusion. This power is resting in each one of us, common mortals, as a shiny treasure waiting to be discovered, behind a secret door that we never cross, in a mysterious room we never dare to play in.
The fact is, we are creating our own reality. Every minute, every day. 
With or without awareness. 

The ultimate intelligence then, must be, to become our own fully empowered, perfectly Natural, magician!
A day will come, in an exercise of imagination, or should I say, I-magic-nation, when there will be nothing transcendent in this affirmation. Because we will have transcended by then, our self imposed mind limitations. We will truly own our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, as faithful systems of support of our most vital needs and aspirations. We will have dawned into the era of Homo sapiens magus. And 'super' will be inside nature, not above it.

If, as Arthur C. Clarke said, ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’, then, why shouldn't any sufficiently intelligent human, be the true sorcerer of his own destiny?

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